About the Fermilab Dynamic Display System

Dependencies in the Dynamic Display system

Java – Java 1.7 or later is required to run each of the components in the system. Java 1.6 and earlier is not compatible. This has caused some problems at Fermilab because some users need java 1.6 for some aspects of the requisition system.

MariaDB – The central database is hosted by the MariaDB hosting group at Fermilab.

Computer considerations
Operating Systems: Java is pretty good at their fulfillment of the "write once; run anywhere" philosophy. Each element of the system has been tested on Fermilab Scientific Linux, Windows 7 and 10, and Mac OS X. However, there are OS-dependent aspects of the system that are hard to pin down, permanently. Therefore, it is recommended that the following elements be paired with OSes as follows:
  • Displays: Scinetific Linux
  • Messaging server: Scientific Linux
  • Controller: Scientific Linux or Windows. The implementation of touch-screen control under SL is not complete – Use Windows

Hardware – As of early 2019, any Intel i5-based PC works well for any aspect of the system. It is recommended, however, that the system you choose be tested first. In particular, if the PC is being used to control a 4K display, we have observed that weaker PCs will cause the displayed Portfolio slide shows to be jerky.

Contact Elliott for details.

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