About the Fermilab Dynamic Display System

What can be shown as Content in the Dynamic Displays system?

Content in the system is called a "channel". A channel is specified fully by a URL – it is a web page. A channel can also be a list of channels.

Everthing that shows on a Dynamic Display is a web page.

A basic design criterion for the system is that content shall be easy to create. Thus it was decided that all content shall be web pages. In other words, if you know how to create a web page, you know how to create content for the Dynamic Display System.

A channel stays on a display until a user actively changes the channel (ChannelSelector). If the channel is a list of channels, this list will play on a display over and over again until the user changes the channel.

The most common channels in the system are the Experiment Portfolio slide show web pages. These channels show user-supplied images as an eye-catching slideshow. See this page for a list of all the Experiment Portfolio slide shows in the system today.

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