Dynamic Display System Location Managers
Location Manager ND
ROC West Harry Ferguson 12
ROC East Harry Ferguson and Zoltan Gecse10
FESS Site 38 Brian Petersohn 6
MINOS Assembly Building Steve Hahn and Cindy Joe 5
WH2 Eileen Crowley 4
Accelerator MCR Area Dan Johnson and Tim Zingelman 4
WH12 Etta Johnson 2
Linac Gallery Kurt Risselmann 2
WH8 Noel Wiedman 1
Test Beam Facility (FTBF)JJ Schmidt 1
WH11 - LPC Marguerite Tonjes 1
ND = Number of Displays at that location

Content administrators who are not location managers

  • Elliott McCrory
  • Dave Mason
  • Mike Wren