The Channel Selector for the Fermilab Dynamic Display System
The Channel Selector is a Java GUI that gives ordinary users the ability to change the channels on any of the displays in their location. The three main locations for the Dynamic Displays system, the ROC-West, the ROC-East, and the MINOS surface building, have a dedicated, touch-screen PC for changing the channel on any of their displays. Every other location has a Channel Selector installed somewhere.

Here is the where the Channel Selectors are at some of the locations:
  • ROC-West: At the entrance -- a dedicated touch-screen PC
  • ROC-Eest: To the right of the entrance, at the end of the fourth console desk -- a dedicated touch-screen PC
  • MINOS: At the display near the roll-up door -- a dedicated touch-screen PC
  • WH12: On the same screen as the left display at the elevators: Use ALT+TAB on the keyboard to find it
  • MCR:* On the Crew Chief's Windows PC
  • WH2E:* On E. Gottschalks's PC
  • WH8:* On N. Weidman's PC

* Run the Windows "Batch" script called "runSelector.bat"

To gain the authority to run a channel selector on a new computer, it is necessary to jump through a few security hoops. These obstacles are delineated in the documents stored here. Contact Elliott McCrory for assistance.

The Channel Selector GUI
Some special features of the Channel Selector are:
  1. Creating, saving, restoring, and manipulating lists of channels
  2. The Super Button – allowing the save/recall of channels for all the displays in a location
  3. The Docent Tab for allowing quick and easy access to common content for tour groups
  4. The Simplified Display tab, which lists the most common content that is shown on a given display
More on these features, and how to use them, someday. Ask McCrory for specific instructions.