Content for the Fermilab Dynamic Display System
The content for the Dynamic Display system specified by URLs – web pages. The content is also called "Channels".

Good Content

The sort of content that can be used in the Dynamic Display system is:

Content that may, someday, be usable

PowerPoint Presentations. Showing PowerPoint presentations is a very desirable sort of content, but the machinations necessary to make this work on our Linux-based displays is not stable enough to recommend here.

Content that can never be used

The sort of content that cannot be on a Dynamic Display is anything that requires user input, for example:
  • Web pages that do not fit on the screen and require scroll bar manipulation to see
  • Long PDF documents (again, there can be no scroll bars)
  • Java Web Start applications (JNLP).
    • At this time, it is always necessary to tell the browser that it is OK to run this JNLP. Since there is no user input, this cannot be done on a Dynamic Display
  • If access to a web page requires login credentials, it is difficult for the Dynamic Display system to show that content. A verified user would have to log in from the display computer to see this content. It is conceivable that we can persuade the web site protecting this content to let us in. Don't hold your breath.

Discouraged Content: Adobe Flash

Flash-based content is still out there, but it is becoming rarer. See this off-site summary of why.

Long ago, YouTube was all Flash, and sometimes Linux browsers ask for the Flash version of videos. We see this a lot in the ROC-West. Some versions of FireFox require that the user okay the use of the internal Adobe Flash player prior to showing YouTube videos. No work-around has been found to this problem, although if you "OK" this once, it will stick for a long time.