About the Fermilab Dynamic Display System

Overview document: Executive Overview: Dynamic Display System at Fermilab

The Fermilab Dynamic Display system is a means for showing, and controlling, digital content on high-definition displays around the lab.

This system allows ordinary people to perform the following operations:
  • Changing the visible content on a display(s) at any time. A simple GUI, the ChannelSelector, is provided at each location so the untrained user can change the content.

  • Creating content that can be shown on any display, see Adding content.

  • Adding images to slide shows that can be shown on any display through the Experiment Portfolios.

  • Adding a PowerPoint presentation that can be shown on a display, see PowerPoint. If your display has a keyboard, you can click through that presentation.


These pages give an overview of the Dynamic Display system.
  1. What can be shown as Content in the Dynamic Displays system?
  2. What are the elements in the system?
  3. Where are these elements installed at Fermilab
  4. More documentation on the Dynamic Display system
  5. The present status of the system
  6. The dependancies in the system

New Installations

Are you interested in establishing your own instance of a Dynamic Display? Visit this page for instructions on creating a display instance, and then contact Elliott McCrory for details.

Other Digital Signage systems?

The Fermilab Dynamic display system is our home-grown solution to "Digital Signage". There are tons of other, commercial choices out there. See this White paper for an introduction to the choices you have in Digital Signage solutions.

TL;DNR: Choose the Dynamic Display system:
  • if you want to give the viewers of a display (e.g., tour groups and docents) the ability to change the content on the fly, or
  • If you are pretty good at making web pages